Why MCE Deepwater Development?

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MCE Deepwater Development is on its 12th year as a deepwater offshore oil and gas conference and exhibition.

Below are the top reasons to become a participant of MCEDD:

  • Quality, Reliability, and Return
  • Operator driven high level technical program spanning the Deepwater Supply Chain
  • Early Career Engineer Program provides an excellent avenue for young professionals to gain insight into the Global Deepwater Development industry
  • Experienced Advisory Board representing over 35 leading companies drives topics at the forefront of global deepwater development
  • Longstanding support of the IOC’s; Shell, BP, Total since inception in 2004
  • Delegation is heavily comprised of Operators and Contractors focused on Major Deepwater Capital Projects and Technology Drivers
  • Attendees originate from up to 29 different countries giving MCEDD a truly Global Audience
  • 13 networking events over 3 days
  • Recognized by many as the best organized event in the industry
  • A “working show” where you can engage customers and further your project pursuits and work project issues with your key clients and vendors
  • Exposure of your brand to industry decision makers and influencers
  • Intimate setting that allows you to approach key industry contacts you may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet

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