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We would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in MCE Deepwater Development 2016. While times may be uncertain, I believe that those attending this year’s event represent those eager to voice their concerns and discuss solutions. Our industry will survive and, eventually, thrive once again. I look forward, over the next week, to learning what we are accomplishing so that we can continue to work through the challenges we face.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Total for hosting us this year and being so critical to the direction, content and quality of the event. We would also like to thank our distinguished Advisory Board that continues to maintain the event’s relevance to the deepwater space and grow our technical excellence year to year.

This downturn has proved unique to its predecessors and as such the industry is responding with new and innovative approaches as solutions to pave the way for recovery. This year’s theme of collaborating to realize cost reductions as a core component of managing this downturn is mirrored throughout the event. This year’s technical program brings together some of the strongest and most committed companies in the deepwater space to discuss how working together, focusing on enabling technologies and learning from our experiences will continue to empower us to move beyond current hurdles and realize our future potential. Experts in their field will share their knowledge and hopefully inspire constructive communication among the attendees.

Oil companies, engineering companies and supply chain members will need to collaborate and rely on innovative solutions to maintain the economic viability of the difficult resources we target. MCE Deepwater Development promotes a conducive environment through technical presentations, a comprehensive exhibition floor and numerous networking events that we hope enables further advancement of the fundamental changes we, as an industry, need to undergo in the near-term.

I trust that the next week will be productive for all. We will meet the challenges that lie ahead and be stronger for it.

John Chadderdon
Quest Offshore Resources

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