Competition Fierce for MCEDD Technical Program

With over 140 abstracts submitted, the competition is fierce for the 2018 technical program.  The Advisory Board are finalizing their votes this week.

We have received 145 “Abstracts” for possible inclusion within the 2018 main Technical Program.  (In addition to these sessions we will also have Two Interactive Panel Sessions).  The Advisory Board will vote and decide on the abstracts which will be approved for only 48 available speaking slots.  The full technical program will be available in late January.


This year 80 companies submitted abstracts.  The six companies who submitted the most abstracts, collectively submitted 57 abstracts, with the remaining 88 submitted by 74 companies.




Industry topic interest continues to favor Subsea Technologies and Pipelines, Flowlines and Risers accounting for well over 50% of total abstracts received.


Welcome to the
Advisory Board


We are pleased to welcome new ENI, BP, Seaway Heavy Lifting and SUT members to the Advisory Board.  View More >>

Operator Panel Sessions

MCEDD 2018 will open its conference program with two thought provoking panel sessions designed to “set the stage” for the traditional technical program. The 2018 event begins with a Welcome Address at 4pm on Monday, 9 April, 2018, which will be immediately followed by our first panel session.  Tuesday’s early morning session provides a follow up to recent industry efforts to increase efficiency across the deepwater market segment.

Monday, 9 April 16:30 – 18:15

Operator Panel Session:  Deepwater Vision, How Do We “Lock-in” What We Have Achieved? An Operator discussion of differing approaches to deepwater development, compare and contrast methods and benefits and the value proposition their respective strategies are delivering to shareholders.

Tuesday, 10 April 9:00 – 10:30

Operator-Contractor Panel Session:  What are the Supply Chain Effects Following Merger Mania and Large Company Integrations?  Discuss efficiency increases throughout the entire upstream value chain.  Are we accruing cost savings?  How do operators and contractors best share the benefits of added value? 


View full agenda >>

Early Bird Registration Open!

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Quest Offshore & Gulf Publishing Announce “Gulf Quest LLC”

October 3, 2017
Houston, Texas – Gulf Publishing Company and Quest Offshore Resources have announced the formation of Gulf Quest LLC for the joint operation of offshore conferences, including the leading global deepwater technology event,  Marine Construction Engineering Deepwater Development (MCEDD).




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