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Tenaris is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and services to the global energy industry and other industrial applications. We operate an integrated network of steel pipe manufacturing, research, finishing, and service facilities with industrial operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and a direct presence in most major oil and gas markets.

Offshore developments require the highest levels of reliability, experience, project management and flexibility.
We offer integral, customized solutions, from pipe manufacturing with precise dimensional tolerances to services and accessories, backed by global, state-of-the-art industrial and R&D networks, united under a single QHSE management system.

With the most significant track record in the industry, more than 30,000 kilometers of our pipelines have been successfully installed in the most challenging environments worldwide, where we helped our clients to succeed in their projects reducing their total cost of ownership.

We are constantly partnering with our customers on innovative solutions, supporting the evolution of the energy industry, from the project design phase to execution.
When technical proficiency, high-quality products and services and on-time delivery are imperative, customers count on Tenaris.

Offshore & Onshore Pipeline Coating Solutions

Offshore & Onshore Pipeline Solutions

TenCoat Marine Five-Layer Syntactic Polypropylene

TenCoat Marine Five-Layer Foam Polypropylene

TenCoat Shield External Coating

TenCoat Marine Deep